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Storm Window Information To Help Homeowners Protect Their Property

Storms can be among the most serious problems that a homeowner will have to face as they can cause significant damage to the home as well as the surrounding property. In particular, the windows of a house can be especially prone to suffering damage during storms as the glass and the frame can both be damaged by debris that may be flying through the air.

How Are Storm Protection Windows Added To A Home?

Some homeowners may not appreciate the option of using storm windows to reduce the risk of glass or frame damage occurring to the windows of the house due to assuming that it will be difficult to install these windows. In most cases, it will be extremely simple to install these windows as they will slide into position from the outside. This can make it possible to easily install and remove these windows depending on the needs of the property.

Can You Open Storm Protection Windows?

Unfortunately, homeowners should be aware that it is not likely to be possible to open the storm windows once they have been installed. If these windows were to be hinged so as to allow them to open, they would end up being far weaker and less able to withstand strong impacts. Due to this limitation, there are many homeowners that will choose to have the storm windows removed once the time of the year when strong storms are the most frequent passes. To make it easier to provide the home with fresh air when the storm windows are installed, some homeowners may choose to leave one window unprotected so that they can open it to improve the home's interior air circulation.

Will Storm Protection Windows Improve The Energy Efficiency Of A House?

Depending on the age and condition of your home's permanent windows, the installation of storm windows over them may actually be able to improve the energy efficiency of these windows. This is a result of the storm windows slowing or stopping any drafts that may be present. If you notice a significant drop in the energy efficiency of your home after the storm windows are removed, this may indicate that it is time to either have the windows professionally sealed or even entirely replaced. Choosing storm windows that are able to filter out ultraviolet light can be another way to improve their energy efficiency as this will help to reduce the amount of heat that the interior of the home is absorbing over the course of a day.

For more information, contact a storm protection window provider in your area.