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Upgrading Your Bathroom With A Frameless Shower Door And Enclosure

Choosing a new shower enclosure for your bathroom can be an important decision to make for your bathroom. Frameless shower enclosures are an effective and efficient solution that will be able to keep your bathroom a functional and beautiful part of the house.

Enjoy A Shower Door That Perfectly Fits Your Shower Space

Frameless shower enclosures will have the benefit of being extremely easy to customize. This is partially a result of the lack of a frame needing to fit into the space where the shower enclosure is to be installed. Due to this factor, you will find that a frameless shower enclosure will be much easier to fit into unusually shaped spaces or areas that are extremely compact. If you are wanting a custom frameless shower enclosure, a contractor may need to visit your bathroom to inspect the dimensions of the space where the enclosure will be located so that they can give you an accurate quote for the material and installation costs of this upgrade.

Reduce The Risk Of Leaks Developing

A leaking shower enclosure can be a sizable problem for your home. When these leaks form, they will be able to contribute to substantial damage occurring to the bathroom as repeated exposure to moisture can damage the floorboards and contribute to other issues that may be costly to address. Unfortunately, it is easy for small gaps to form between the glass of the enclosure and the frame. Frameless shower doors will largely avoid this outcome as they will not have a frame and separate glass components. Rather, the glass parts of the frame will be directly connected so that the risk of the leak causing gaps forming is minimized or even completely avoided.

Keep The Shower Enclosure Easy To Maintain And Clean

A framed shower enclosure can be far more difficult for you to effectively clean than a frameless one. As a result of this reality, it can be more likely for these shower enclosures to develop algae, molds, and other problems that could make the shower a less sanctuary place for you to be. These crevices are unlikely to be present in frameless enclosures, which can allow you to easily clean the entire surface of the enclosure with a basic microfiber cloth. When cleaning this enclosure, you will want to avoid applying too much pressure as this could damage the glass. If there are stubborn spots that are difficult to clean, it may be better to allow a glass cleaner to soak on it for some time before you attempt to wipe them off. This can give it more time to breakdown the substance so that it can be removed more easily.