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Three Times You Should Replace Your Car's Windows

Automobile glass and windows are one of the many parts of a vehicle that can be easily forgotten about over time. However, these elements contribute greatly to the overall safety and comfort of your car. As such, there are times where it may be prudent to replace the car's glass windows or windshields entirely. You may need to replace your auto glass if there are unmanageable cracks, if you want upgrades, or if you need to replace antique windows for your safety.

Unmanageable Cracks

One of the most common reasons someone will need to call an automobile glass shop or service is that their windshield is cracked or broken. Some cracks or dents can be fixed at home, believe it or not. Small dents can be filled with resin or epoxy through a syringe and allowed to dry, then the excess can be scraped off. Other cracks are untenable, however, and DIY kits simply can't stabilize them. It's important to note that even small dents left unchecked can still cause damage later on — they allow debris and water to enter your windshield, furthering the damage and the destabilization of your windshield. As such, if you have an unmanageable windshield crack, it's time to call an auto glass service.


Some people are interested in upgrading their car's windows or windshield, and usually, this means replacing them. For example, some drivers may window tints added to their windshield or even to each of their car's windows, but window tints applied at the factory are usually not as dark as those sold aftermarket. Some window tints are sold as if they can be applied at home, but this marketing is misleading. Window tints are somewhat difficult to apply, and high-quality ones require you to replace your window entirely. As such, it's important to find a professional auto glass service to install your window tint or any other upgrade you prefer.

Old Windows

Finally, drivers who drive vintage cars may find that they need to change out the original windows or window shield for something safer. Modern car windshields are designed with modern safety standards in mind in more than one way — they help support the weight of your roof during a turnover, for example, or the weight of the airbags. Additionally, they are made from laminated glass, meaning that they are more resistant to breakage in an accident than other glass types. Older cars may not meet modern safety standards, and that includes windshields without the strength to handle an impact. If you're interested in driving vintage cars safely, an auto glass service can help.

If you are interested in replacing your car's glass windows, contact an auto glass service near you today.