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Protecting Your Windshield Against Cracking And Chipping

Your vehicle's windshield provides you with protection against the elements while allowing you to view the road. It is important to protect this glass feature so that it continues to give you these amenities. Here are steps to take to minimize the chance of cracking or chipping your windshield.

Plan Driving Routes Carefully

While highways provide you with quick and easy access to get from location to location, they are also areas where your vehicle is more prone to possible damage. Before you head out on the road, consider opting for an alternative route where there is not as much traffic to battle. This will decrease the risk of damage, and also give you an alternate vantage point. Always leave enough room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you so you have time to react if rocks or other objects head toward you. No matter what type of roadway you decide to take, make sure to follow speed limit restrictions as this action alone reduces the damage potential if a projectile kicks up and hits your windshield.

Use Care When Parking Your Vehicle

When it comes time to park your vehicle, the area you select makes a difference regarding the potential for windshield damage. Do not pick an area directly underneath trees or power lines if possible. If a squirrel or another animal happens to drop a nut or natural debris from above, it could cause a chipped windshield to occur. Branches are also a concern. Instead, pick an area with a manmade covering such as a parking garage or carport if possible. Alternately, park your vehicle in an open area. Be aware of the possibility of inclement weather as well and use this knowledge to select parking areas appropriately.

Drape A Cover Over Your Vehicle

When you are not using your vehicle, it is best to keep it completely covered to protect it from harm. At home, you may have the opportunity to park your vehicle in a garage or under a carport. When you are away from home, however, this option is not available. Keep a thick tarp made especially for your vehicle's make and model to cover it during times you intend on being away for an extended time period. This simple act keeps your vehicle protected and reduces the likelihood of damage to your windshield and other vehicle parts.

If your windshield does become damaged, contact an auto glass repair company near you to care for your vehicle.