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Are Frameless Glass Shower Doors Worth It?

If you're performing a bathroom upgrade, you need to think of modern features to install. For instance, your bathroom may look outdated if you have a framed shower door or a shower curtain. Hence, consider frameless glass shower doors. But is frameless glass shower door installation worthwhile? Yes, because they offer these benefits.

Allows More Light Into Your Bathroom

Your bathroom needs to have a sufficient amount of natural light to save on energy. If poorly lit, you may need to keep the lights on while in the bathroom, increasing energy expenses. Also, a poorly lit bathroom makes your shower experience less enjoyable, as you may not easily find shower supplies such as soap. Furthermore, a dark bathroom provides poor visibility, and you may lose your step and fall. Fortunately, frameless glass shower doors allow more light into your shower, as they don't have a frame that may obstruct light. This improves your bathroom experience.

Prevents Mold Growth

Framed shower doors are prone to mold infestation since moisture can penetrate the frames. Since molds thrive in high moisture environments, you may notice mold growth after some time. Remember that molds can harm your health as their spores cause allergies. Besides, the molds can spread throughout your shower, calling for mold remediation, which is costly. Frameless glass shower doors prevent mold growth since moisture dries quickly from the glass. Additionally, there's no frame where excess water may hide.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Cleaning your bathroom is vital to ensure hygiene. Besides, a clean bathroom smells fresh and looks attractive. However, the cleaning process may be complicated and time-consuming for framed doors. For instance, you must clean the glass and frame thoroughly, especially around the frame corners where debris may hide. Also, you must consider the frame material. If your door frame is wooden, avoid using a lot of water to prevent water damage. On the other hand, frameless glass shower doors are easy to clean with soap and water. Hence, you can finish cleaning your door quickly.

Makes Your Shower Space Appear Larger

Shower curtains or framed shower doors may prevent you from viewing your entire bathroom, confining you to a small space. Therefore, these installations may not be ideal for less spacious bathrooms. In contrast, frameless glass shower doors provide a good view, making your shower appear bigger. These are excellent options for small bathrooms.

Frameless glass shower doors are worthwhile as they allow more light into your bathroom, prevent mold growth, make your shower appear more spacious, and are easy to clean. Consider installing frameless glass doors in your shower for these reasons. A company like Naugatuck Window and Glass may have more of what you're looking for.