Glass: The Difference in Clear

Frameless Shower Door: Reasons to Choose Tempered Frameless Glass for Your Custom Bathroom Enclosures

Do you have a bathroom upgrading project coming up? One vital element you will have to think about is the shower enclosure you will install. If you wish to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, frameless glass shower doors are ideal. Modern glass shower doors are made using tempered glass material due to their increased safety and efficiency. Therefore, a frameless glass shower door can offer you numerous benefits. Read on to learn some of them.

1. Create a Safe Shower Space

Bathroom slip and fall accidents are more common than you may imagine. Therefore, it is important to have a safe door option that won't shatter at every little impact. A frameless tempered glass door is safe because it can withstand heavy impact. Moreover, if the glass breaks, it forms tiny blunt shards that cannot penetrate your skin. So, using this type of glass ensures you and your loved ones are safer in the shower. It doesn't have frames at the edges, so the entire glass is firm and durable.

2.  Versatile Design

One fantastic feature of frameless glass is that your grazing contractor can cut it to the desired size, unlike the door with a frame. If you have an irregularly shaped bathroom, you don't have to struggle to find a suitable door. You can have an expert cut and customize the door to match your bathroom size. What's more, these doors come in various designs, including engraved, frosted, and stained, to suit different bathroom aesthetics.

3. Minimal Effort to Clean

Taking a shower can be messy, with soap smearing on your walls and doors. This forces you to keep cleaning the bathroom to clear the mess created. However, you can avoid the burden of cleaning your bathroom constantly by installing frameless tempered glass doors. Tempered glass resists smudges and will stay in pristine condition for long. Moreover, when the time comes to clean these doors, a simple cleaning solution and a soft cloth are all you need because the door does not have frames where dirt can hide.

4. Resist Heat and Moisture Than Other Options

Bathrooms are exposed to a lot of heat and moisture. Tempered glass is an ideal material for such conditions because it can endure prolonged exposure to high heat and humidity levels without getting damaged. On the other hand, float glass panes cannot withstand such conditions for an extended period. They may eventually break into tiny sharp pieces, exposing your loved ones to injuries. Besides, frameless doors are generally tough and unlikely to be affected by temperature fluctuations, unlike other doors that may be weak with strong frames.

Comfort, hygiene, and safety are some of the top elements you wish to get from your bathroom. Frameless glass doors help create a great shower enclosure and transform your bathroom. The tempered frameless shower doors don't break easily and are easy to maintain. Therefore, you should consider using them for your next bathroom renovation project.