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Why You Can't Leave Your Vehicle's Windows Broken Or Damaged

Owning a car can sometimes feel like it is a constant balancing act of ensuring it is fit to drive while not pouring too much of your own money into it. Sometimes when your windows and auto glass have issues, it can be tempting to simply leave them as they are, especially if they're not especially annoying or dangerous to you while you're on the road. However, that is not acceptable, and you could be putting yourself at a much higher risk than you expect. Here are a few reasons you can't leave any broken or damaged windows in your car for long. 

Small Problems Become Major Headaches

Perhaps the biggest reason people leave cracks or chips in their windshields and other windows is simply that they do not appear to be a big problem. After all, what harm could a minor crack in the corner of a huge windshield possibly cause? The answer is a lot. Now that the structural integrity of the window has been broken, all it takes is a heavy jolt or bump on the road to cause it to completely crack or shatter, and most people drive through those conditions all the time. Even if you are lucky enough that this doesn't cause your window to break immediately, you still need to get it fixed by a professional windshield repair contractor. 

Broken Smaller Windows Are Still Safety Hazards

A lot of cars have little, unobtrusive windows in the corner of their bigger windows that may be no bigger than the size of your hand. These little decorative windows add more to the stylistic language of the car's design than actually being functional, but that does not mean that they can be left alone if they are damaged. Rushing wind into the cabin of your car can be very distracting, and even when the car is parked, if there is a hole in your smaller windows, then moisture and even animal life can get in and ruin your vehicle. 

Obstructed Viewing

Some people are lucky enough that the crack in their windshield hasn't grown or completely absorbed their entire windshield for several weeks, or even longer. If you have been driving around with a crack in your windshield but it hasn't gotten larger, you might think it actually is quite safe, but if it is in a position where it can obstruct your viewing then it causes a whole other issue. The last thing you want is to miss something on the road in front of you, or perhaps see something that is not actually there due to a visual trick caused by uneven glass. You need to get your windshield fixed by an auto glass repair contractor before you have a serious accident on the road for both your sake and the sake of the people around you. 

To have your car's glass inspected, contact an auto glass repair service in your area.