Three Times You Should Replace Your Car's Windows

Automobile glass and windows are one of the many parts of a vehicle that can be easily forgotten about over time. However, these elements contribute greatly to the overall safety and comfort of your car. As such, there are times where it may be prudent to replace the car's glass windows or windshields entirely. You may need to replace your auto glass if there are unmanageable cracks, if you want upgrades, or if you need to replace antique windows for your safety. [Read More]

Upgrading Your Bathroom With A Frameless Shower Door And Enclosure

Choosing a new shower enclosure for your bathroom can be an important decision to make for your bathroom. Frameless shower enclosures are an effective and efficient solution that will be able to keep your bathroom a functional and beautiful part of the house. Enjoy A Shower Door That Perfectly Fits Your Shower Space Frameless shower enclosures will have the benefit of being extremely easy to customize. This is partially a result of the lack of a frame needing to fit into the space where the shower enclosure is to be installed. [Read More]

Tempered Vs. Laminated Glass: What's Best For Your Business

The type of glass you choose for your business and storefront windows and doors is important. Because of the increased foot traffic near most businesses, there's a higher risk of glass breakage and resulting injuries and lawsuits. That's why it's vital to choose the right glass. Two common options for businesses are tempered and laminated glass. But what's the difference? Tempered Glass Increased Strength through Heat Treatment Tempered glass is a reinforced glass that's typically created through a heat treatment process designed to strengthen it so that it doesn't shatter as easily as something like annealed glass (the type of glass in picture frames). [Read More]

The Benefits Of Assigning Glass Repair Tasks To An Expert

Although your glass doors and window are made of quality frames and reinforced glass, they can get damaged over time due to a number of issues. Most people usually choose to DIY when this occurs even though they know that they do not understand how to handle glass repair. This often leads to additional problems and expenses as you will have to hire a door glass repair technician eventually. The best thing to do is to employ a door or window glass repair service in the first place. [Read More]