Sticky Situations: Choosing Your Window Film Adhesion Technique

When choosing window film to protect your home, you may think you already have a ton of decisions to make. The purpose of the film, the level of tinting, any patterns, the level of transparency or opaqueness, and so on can seem like a lot to deal with. There's one other decision that you might have forgotten about: the method of adhesion or how the film will stick to the glass. [Read More]

3 Common Types of Windshield Glass Damage and Whether to Repair or Replace

Sometimes you know the exact moment when your windshield is damaged. You might see a rock hit the glass as you're driving. Other times, you may be surprised when you see a crack in the glass and wonder how the damage happened. Here's a look at three common types of windshield damage and the repairs that could be needed. 1. Damage From Bad Wipers It's important to change your windshield wipers before the rubber wears down or metal may scrape the glass and make tiny scratches. [Read More]